How ticket sales work and other frequently asked questions.

How many total tickets need to be sold in order for my team to be able to participate in this great event?
Usually, around 300 $40 tickets, or 25 tickets per player. It is typically much easier to sell this amount of tickets than it is to sell 400 $30 tickets. Or maybe your team would prefer to pay the team fee and not the player fee and donate your tickets to a charitable organization? It is much easier to sell 330 $33 tickets than it is to sell 523 $21 tickets. Over the years, we have found that slightly higher-priced tickets will go just as quickly or quicker than those lower-priced tickets, especially when the buyer knows it is for the team or for the player. The Milwaukee Brewers expectation is $12,000 in sales. In Oakland, at the Oakland Coliseum, the expectation is $10,000.

Do we have a choice of the games that we sell tickets for?
Yes, you may choose any game that you want, but being smart is important. Trying to sell a weeknight game in April or May will not work. Make your event a big night called Friends and Family Night and make sure your entire organization is on board. Fridays especially, Saturdays and Sundays will yield the most success.

What date(s) should I pick?
Each year Big League Dream Day will provide you with a list of dates that will work the best. Most often, a Friday will work best. Tell the tournament director for that weekend that you cannot play on that Friday night for example and volunteer to play the first game on Saturday. My teams have never had conflicts, especially if you contact the director early and remind them as the date nears. I am happy to walk you through your ticket-selling date options.

Can I pick a 2nd game to sell tickets for?
Yes, but be careful with that 4th ticket option or more. Pick a perfect date and focus on that one big event. If some business comes along and wants 50 tickets for an outing and has not already made an arrangement with the Brewers, Big League Dream Day will be able to accommodate this request. The teams last year had multiple selling options and reached their goal by adding more games.

Are there great dates this year?
Yes, any Cubs, Cardinals, or Yankees series will be attractive to the buyer. Please be aware of the blackout dates, which historically are most Saturdays.

We want to reach our team goal; how do we get credit?
Please remember that you are selling group-priced tickets, and those sales will be counted toward your total of $12,000 for the Big League Dream Day event at American Family Field. You will get credit for the real value of the ticket and the value listed on the actual ticket will only be the face value, not the price of the ticket purchased at BLDD. Big League Dream Day has extensive administrative costs and each ticket will have a $4.00+ fee added to the group sale price. BLDD must pay a computer person, PayPal, who handles all transactions and there are other administrative duties that are very time-consuming. Remember that the Brewers utilize something called demand-based pricing for all group sales. In February, you might secure a $45 ticket (game day face value ticket) for the group rate of $33, but in May there will likely be no discount at all……so locking in early and making those sales is critical. All teams participating in Big League Dream Day have reached their goal.

How else can I get credit toward our team goal?
Examples: I already have a company outing scheduled and I already bought tickets from the Brewers? Sorry, no. I want to take a group of 15 kids from my son’s Tae Kwon Do class? Yes, but please work to ensure the sale of all 15 tickets. Certainly, you will want to lock the number of participants down before going this route and you may want to handle the entirety of the transaction yourself. Get full payment, including BLDD price of $4.00+ per ticket, deposit into your account, buy all of the tickets at BLDD, and personally deliver the tickets to the customer. I have had several occasions in the past when teams would set aside 20 or more tickets and only sell 10 or 12 tickets. Group rates might not apply to these tickets. There is one additional item I have decided to add this year and for all future purchases. Any ticket that is sold at the group ticket price of $40 or higher, will have a $5 fee added to it. Tickets over $50 will have a $6 fee added to it. Please remember that all transactions are run through PayPal or Stripe and there are charges for every purchase made.

Are there any costs beyond the ticket sales?
Yes, there is a one-time non-refundable $40 per player sign-up fee on the BLDD website. This will get the players active to sell. There is nothing beyond that and entrance to the Big League venue when the kids play is free. The BLDD website will handle all of the ticket purchases and will provide a very detailed breakdown of all of your transactions. Tickets are usually mailed or can be picked up at American Family Field, about 3 weeks prior to your game date(s). If your tickets sell out earlier, they will be mailed within a few days from the end of the sale. All of your paper handling and collection of checks have been eliminated! Ordering at Big League Dream Day is secure, quick, and easy.

When should I close out my ticket sales for a particular date?
Try to have everything wrapped up about 3 weeks prior to the date of the game or earlier if possible. The tickets that folks are buying are not virtual tickets, meaning they cannot be printed out online. These are paper tickets that must be mailed to your team parent or coach for distribution. BLDD does not mail tickets to each individual buyer.

What is the deadline to sell tickets?
This year, I have a new payment method set up with the Brewers, so technically the last ticket could be purchased 1 day before the game day and someone could pick them up the next day at American Family Field and distribute them. Please remember to remind every prospective buyer to mark the date on their calendar and that they will get their tickets about 3 weeks in advance of the game unless the entirety of the inventory is completed earlier. For deadline purposes please say to them 2 Sundays before the game. A June 24th event would be a June 1st cut-off at 10 pm for example. The BLDD site will not shut down the opportunity to purchase tickets, but after processing the larger sale, all ticket pick-ups will be handled through Will Call at your Major League venue.

What about additional group outings?
I chatted with the Brewers recently and they are willing to work with us on ANY size group at any ticket price. At this juncture, we are going to open ticket sales up for any group of any size. Please remember to handle the entirety of the transaction. Who is going? Lock in a date w/ Todd. Collect funds. Make the entire purchase at BLDD. We will do everything possible to help your team reach its goal!

Please remember that all tickets are to be purchased at BLDD for the GROUP rate, toward your team goal. This is the best price that can be offered through March 31. There may not be group rate pricing after this date, although the price that you lock in, is the price as tickets get higher in price over time with demand-based pricing.

My company wants a Suite or All-Inclusive area or other specialty sections. Can BLDD handle that?
The Group Ticket Sales Department will handle these requests. Typically, on a $3,000 suite purchase $2,000 is credited toward your team goal. These numbers will vary based on what area you choose. Please remember not to go online and make this purchase. We will need to work with Jake Mentch at the Brewers.

When will my first update be coming as to how much we have sold?
The 1st update will be around April 1st

What happens on our team’s play date?
It is too far in advance for that info and there will be a thorough list of do’s and don’ts that will be provided in ample time.

Do we know the date(s) we would play at American Family Field?
The Brewers will typically get a play date to us by December and I will be certain to pass them on to you as soon as they are available.

What is the coach’s #1 job?
To have a great team parent(s)! I cannot emphasize enough how much you want to delegate the task of directing folks to the website. We will need a point of contact who will understand the process and be able to answer questions…..there are always many. Coach, please focus on coaching your team.

Can I make this a fundraiser for my team?
YES! You may set the ticket price at any price you want. We had a team sell their $27 tickets for $40 and they made a nice profit. Please remember that the fundraiser amount will be less than the actual $13 difference as there are administrative expenses. Please also remember that for a team to receive their fundraiser amount they must reach their team goal threshold. If the threshold is not reached, all extra funds from a fundraiser will be turned into real tickets for future game(s).  It is imperative that for the long-term viability of Big League Dream Day that every team reaches or exceeds its targeted goal.

How are teams chosen?
There are always more teams that express an interest in participating than there are spots available. Rest assured; the selection of participants is not taken lightly. We will do everything possible to give your team a chance to participate and when the invitation goes out you will be provided with a 72-hour window to accept or decline. As you can imagine having other teams wanting to participate and waiting around for weeks during the process can be detrimental to the overall program. Teams interested in selling tickets in the year(s) preceding their play year, will be given the highest priority.

What if my team does not sell out tickets for our 1st game, can we add inventory to our 2nd or 3rd game?
It is difficult to get additional tickets into a team’s inventory because seats are either gone or will not be close to your current seating location or the price of the ticket will be very high with demand-based pricing (the Brewers raise ticket prices throughout the year). This year, there will be additional inventory for you, but the amount set aside will not be visible. Your listed inventory at the outset of ticket sales will total $12,000 or more. You are not responsible for the unsold tickets; they simply go back into the inventory for your Major League team.

When can I start selling tickets on the Big League Dream Day website?
Ticket sales usually start in early February or after all your players have signed up. The Brewers do not have your actual tickets loaded into their system any earlier, as the season ticket folks will take priority.

By what date should I have my ticket sales wrapped up?
It is very much appreciated if you could have sales completed or near completion by the time your play date occurs.

Are all tickets together in the sections we choose?
Yes, absolutely. Certainly, if you choose different price points in different seating locations for any one event, you will not be in the same area. All rows and seating will be together in the seating area you have selected.

Will our posted ticket price at BLDD ever change?
No, you are locked into that price. The only potential for a higher-priced ticket on the same date is if you add significant inventory after the demand-based pricing has kicked in on March 31.

What does BLDD need to ensure that the best communication is ongoing?
Please email your Team Parent info, with the phone number. This single point of contact is the person whom BLDD can dialog with throughout the process. Often there is a team parent as well as the coach that is kept apprised of all changes. Please also submit the address of where the tickets will be mailed. This is done so that we may create an account in the Major League team’s system. This 7-digit number provides ease of service, instead of using your team name, etc.

Why is there a $40 player fee?
Administratively, it ensures that all ticket purchases made on behalf of a particular player are properly tabulated at the Big League Dream Day website. Your team representative will get a detailed breakdown of all ticket sales in a very manageable format. Once players from your team have signed up at and you have chosen game date(s), your team will be able to start selling game tickets to reach your team goal.

What tickets sell best?
You may have multiple ticket options on any date but having a price point difference of $28 and $31, for example, just does not make sense. Field Outfield Box, Field Infield Box, and Loge Bleachers tend to have the most manageable price points.

Will the prices listed at BLDD go entirely toward your team goal?
The prices at will be higher and will reflect a $4.00+ fee per ticket.

When thinking about our ticket sale dates are there sections that we will want to avoid?
Yes…Bernie’s Terrace, Terrace Reserved, Terrace Box (especially the super bonus, bonus, and value games). Certainly, if you have a very large group of 50 or more, we will accommodate that request.

What are the TARGET DATES and duties after my team has been chosen?
In early January you will receive a colorized document listing all of the Brewer’s games throughout the year. This should make your selection much easier. In early January, please determine your ticket-selling date(s). One big event, perhaps called your Friends & Family and Former Players Night is a good selling point and maybe 1 or 2 others. Your team is encouraged to place a heavy emphasis on the Friends & Family Night, perhaps 70% of your total ticket sales. Once selected, begin contacting businesses for their group outings. Milwaukee Brewers group ticket sales should be for groups of 20 or more, although any request can be accommodated. The Brewers start selling group tickets on 2/1, so please try to lock in your ticket-selling dates early. Orders for additional ticket dates can be taken into March and after, but the best seats and best prices will surely disappear. Again, place a heavy emphasis on your 1 big date….if you over-focus on those extra dates there will be challenges. We can accommodate any request.

Player sign-up at is active as soon as you are notified that your team is a participant.

Teams should have this process completed by February 1. Please remember that ticket sales will begin at as soon as all players are signed up for your team and you have chosen your game dates and the tickets are loaded. You are welcome to have players register as a collective group, which is usually done by the coach, or you may require your players to sign up individually. Once payment is received through PayPal, it typically takes less than 24 hours for the player’s name to appear in the drop-down.

Please be prepared to send a representative to your Major League venue for a luncheon to go over any unfinished business and talk about your play date, sometime in January or February.

As soon as you are chosen, please email any additional teams or persons that should be added to your drop-down screen. U8, U9, Girl’s Softball, or Assistant Coach Jones, for example. This will make ticket distribution much easier.

Any other thoughts?
Please remember that all ticket sales are at the reduced group ticket price and are much lower than if folks purchased on game day. All ticket sales are for NEW group outings. Folks who have already purchased tickets, including season tickets with the Brewers, cannot be counted toward your team goal.

Does BLDD have some selling letters?
Yes, a few, please ask.

How is the purchase of tickets handled?

All transactions are handled at the Big League Dream Day website. This online purchase is SECURE and operates through PayPal and Stripe. BLDD does not see any credit card information or any identifying information other than your name, address, and number of tickets.

I plan to send out a Facebook post about our ticket dates, what could it look like?
It’s never too early to plan your summer Brewer games! If you’re planning to head to a Brewer game this summer, please consider buying your tickets from ZACH. His team has been offered a unique and exciting opportunity to play a baseball game at American Family Field – Yes, on the BIG diamond where the Brewers play. It can only happen if we do our part in selling tickets. Three dates are available – if you are interested please let me know and we can order the tickets for you!!!!! These are normally $45+ ticket values for a reduced amount (see below). WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT AND CONSIDERATION!!!

Friday, April 29th @ 7:10 pm vs Miami Marlins – $31/ticket

Sunday, May 15th @ 1:10 pm San Diego Padres – $33/ticket

Friday, June 10th @ 7:10 pm vs New York Mets – $33/ticket

*Tickets are located in either the Field Infield Box or the Field Outfield Box

Does your company participate in a Brewer outing?
Ticket sales of 20 or more can choose any date.

Will there be updates?

Thank You,

Todd Peterson