Game Day Information and Playing Rules

  1. Players and coaches and other assigned personnel assemble at the entry gate at your big league venue about 1 hour and 45 minutes before your scheduled start time. Staff will escort you to the locker room for a brief discussion about the ballpark do’s and don’ts. This staffer will be with you until you reach the dugout. The assigned team personnel may include a photographer and they should/could be with the team throughout the entirety of the game. Fans enter at the same location.
  2. Photographs will be taken on the field by the lone photographer……pictures should be taken immediately upon the conclusion of your game at home plate.
  3. Players bring all necessary equipment and their own drink(s). Arrive in your tennis shoes and play in them. Some venues may allow spikes. Players will remain in tennis shoes for batting practice. 
  4. If your team has two or more sets of jerseys, please be certain to bring all options. Teams should not wear a similar color.
  5. The home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout at most venues, but at American Family Field, occupy the 1st base dugout. 
  6. Since these are exhibition games all teams are required to bat a continuous batting order. Should a player become injured and cannot bat, no out will be recorded.
  7. All pitchers will be able to warm up in their respective bullpens prior to pitching. There will be free substitutions throughout the game. Coaches, please allow ample time for your players to get the experience of warming up in the bullpen. If your pitcher is slated to bat third the following inning for example, consider holding him out the inning preceding defensively or perhaps pull him with two outs.
  8. Time limit……..there will be a 2-hour and 30-minute time limit. It is my strong desire to play as much baseball as possible during the 7 or 8-inning game. If the home team is ahead in the bottom of the final inning, the inning will continue until 3 outs are recorded or the batting order has reached the top. If the visitor (trailing team) chooses to continue under this scenario then great! Should 7 innings only take 1 hour and 50 minutes, an 8th inning will be available to you. 
  9. Run limit………There will be a maximum of 5 runs allowed per half inning unless a player comes up with 1st & 2nd and hits a homerun either over the fence or inside the park and this results in runs 5, 6, and 7. Once the 5th run crosses the plate that 1/2 inning with a base on balls, for example, the ½ inning is over. Should this be the final inning of play the visitor may score as many runs as possible to take the lead. Should the home team be ahead going into the final at-bat play may continue. New for the 2023 season…
  10. Five, six, and seven-run innings are allowed, but the pinnacle of Big League Dream Day is an 8 run inning, which would include a grand slam home run or any scenario where a team would score 4 runs with 4 runs already in. All runners and especially the last batter are encouraged to run and attempt to score. It is the obligation of the defense to put the other team out in these scenarios. Finally, the administration is also awaiting a grand slam with one run already in, any ½ inning!
  11. Slow play warning…As a team approaches the 5 runs scored limit, you may not go base to base to get extra at-bats for your team. One warning will be issued and a second occurrence will result in your team’s turn at bat being completed. Runners must advance as they normally would on hits, wild pitches, passed balls, etc. Additionally, with the slow play warning, the other team may opt to put in any pitcher to get your team out. 
  12. Pitcher outs limit……….Teams are encouraged to utilize 4 or more pitchers in the game.  No pitcher shall pitch more than 6 outs.
  13. Umpires………2 certified umpires will be present for all games. Each team shall pay 1 umpire $100 per game.
  14. Baseballs……….Each team shall provide 3 nice and new baseballs for each game….please no cheapies.
  15. Fans…….sit on level 1 behind the dugouts or behind home plate……only venture down the line for photo opportunities
  16. YES the scoreboard will be functioning throughout the game. New for 2023…teams may submit a complete lineup and batting order at least 2 weeks in advance of their game so that this can be visible to fans on the scoreboard
  17. YES there is a concession stand
  18. YES you can tailgate, but we must do all cleanup
  19. YES players are allowed to take batting practice under the stadium in the visitor’s cage. Visitors first.
  20. YES pitchers will be able to warm up in the bullpen…remember that players coming into pitch will get the luxury of utilizing the bullpens. Let’s have these players complete their tosses so as not to delay the game.
  21. YES the first baseman can toss a ball to infielders and outfielders can have someone warm them up but   please utilize the warning track 
  22. YES return all foul balls to the closest dugout, do not throw them back onto the field
  23. YES each team may utilize a bat boy or bat girl, but this person(s) must have a helmet on at all times
  24. YES there will be pregame photos. Have your photographer present throughout the day.
  25. YES you will need to sign a waiver prior to game day
  26. YES you may bring coolers into the park, but no alcohol
  27. YES there is an umpire dressing room 
  28. YES pregame line up are to assemble on the dirt along the first base line…….when possible avoid the lip
  29. NO infield pregame warm-up on the field grass……only the warning track surface
  30. Upon completion of your at-bat….do not toss your bat into the grassy area……..Drop it at home plate for the bat girl or boy to pick up
  31. Stay OFF the grass when possible. This includes the pitcher walking forward off of the mound to catch the return throw from the catcher
  32. NO seeds please left on any playing surface……only spit in a cup
  33. Spit gum into a garbage container
  34. Do not leave the dugout until it is entirely cleaned out
  35. Both teams should have an announcer for their game…The announcer will go to the press box at least 40 minutes prior to game time to set up sound equipment…… iPad and music….music should be played throughout the pregame warm-ups. About 12 minutes prior to game time, clear the field and announce entire lineups 8 minutes before the start of the game…The players will line up on their respective baselines, facing the stands and the national anthem will be played 4 minutes prior to game time. Whatever it is we must bring the music in………….your designated PA person should be prepared with the national anthem and between innings, music and a walk-up song for each player are recommended. Please remember to say, PLAY BALL!
  36. Announce the umpires for the game as the first pitcher is warming up……..I will get these names to you

**Sportsmanship will be an exceptionally high priority for all of the games…… your players only and have a great time**

If you have any additional questions please contact me at 414.915.8933

Thank You,

Todd G. Peterson

Big League Dream Day