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This is a secure site. Big League Dream Day (bigleaguedreamday.com) in collaboration with your big league team has set aside tickets or vouchers that your coach has agreed for your group to sell.

By utilizing the drop-down screens, Big League Dream Day will tabulate all ticket and voucher sales per player or coach, or team toward your team goal. The prices listed are set by Big League Dream Day, to include a fee on each ticket. The price for game day tickets will be much less than the normal face value of the non-group ticket or voucher price. Ticket and voucher prices that are set by Big League Dream Day are based solely on the group ticket price or voucher price that is set by your big league team. Coaches may also utilize these ticket or voucher sales as a fundraiser for their program. Please have your coach or team parent contact Todd for more information about conducting a fundraiser. Please remember that this website with payment through PayPal is safe! The elimination of handling checks, ticket order forms and cash has significantly helped to streamline the process.

New in 2024!

To make your payment process even smoother, at the outset, Big League Dream Day will accept a Zelle payment of your team’s entire team fee. This one-time team fee for each participating team will be $13,000. Only $1,000 of that fee will be retained by the administrator. The remainder will go directly to your big league team ticket purchase and we will certainly discuss all of those ticket options and how the website can work best for your team.

If you are interested in selling for a game that is not your one big event, Friends & Family Night, you may do so, but only groups of 20 or more will be considered. Yes, these ticket sales will go toward your team goal! Please have your team representative contact todd@bigleaguedreamday.com to set this up. For voucher sale venues, you will still need to purchase game day tickets.

Please remember that the group ticket price or voucher prices shown on the ticket will not be the same as the actual purchase price and may reflect the price of the ticket at the window on game day. All tickets or vouchers for your event should be purchased at bigleaguedreamday.com.

Have a great day!